Saturday, April 17, 2010

PDQuick! Designer Look Bedsheets on a Budget

PDQuick Tip:  To save money but still have your bedding look expensive and luxurious, purchase inexpensive flat and fitted sheets for your bed and then splurge on the fancier designer pillow cases.  When the bed is made, only the pillow cases will be visible, so spend your money on something with delicate embroidery or an especially pretty pattern or detail.  Or, as an alternative, you can even buy the less expensive pillow cases and then embellish them yourself with lace, appliques, needlepoint (if you're good at that) or decorative buttons.

As an additional suggestion, it's a good idea when purchasing bedsheets to buy two sets of pillowcases.  Pillowcases, because they get the most wear, are quicker to become soiled and worn out.  By having two sets, you'll extend the life of your sheets.
Copyright 2010 - All rights reserved - Pamela Yeaton


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