Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Mission Statement

Welcome to the Paperwhite Design blog! If you're reading this, then we've found each other, and that's a very good start. Let me explain a little bit about myself and the purpose of this blog.

I've had a passion for interior decorating and design for most of my life. I think it was a natural offshoot of my love of fashion. I mean, it seemed only natural that if I loved to put together beautiful outfits and to surround myself with gorgeous fabrics then I would want my home environment to reflect that feeling too, right?

Part of that passion has entailed reading whatever I could get my hands on (or cursor) about design, absorbing it, and then putting it all into action with a whole lot of trial and error. It really gets the creative juices flowing (and, admittedly, sometimes the frustration). But after years of doing this (as well as consulting work), I came to the conclusion that it would be even more fun if I could share my passion and ideas with others through a blog and maybe make their journey to beautiful design go a little more smoothly. And thus was born “Paperwhite Design”.

What I hope to do here is share ideas and have some fun. Where possible, I'll also provide a resource guide so you'll know where to find some of the materials referenced in my posts (especially for craft or design projects). Some of my blog entries will have helpful hints or brief observations about decorating, while others will be centered around a designated theme (and longer in length). I hope that all of them will be useful to you in one way or another.
Finally, I welcome your comments and feedback and would love to hear from you. If there's a topic you'd like to see covered here, let me know. I intend to blog regularly, so keep watching this space! Bye for now.
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